We, Dire Boar Games are happy to announce of starting the development of our new game: Indie Comic Creator Tycoon!

For the first time ever, you don't have to just dream about it. In Indie Comic Creator Tycoon, you manage your own small comic book studio and publishing, creating comic books on your own terms.

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Tailor a Storyline

  • Characters : While many people may forget the plots to their favorite comic books, they can certainly tell you the characters that appeared inside it. This is why it is of paramount importance that you choose your characters carefully – and put them into the right situations.

  • Places : The greatest settings in comic book history become escapes for their fans. Topped in importance only by characters, the places that you choose for your story line have the potential to make or break your franchise-in-the-making.

  • Organizations : How is everything going to tie together? This is something that you cannot overlook, because sloppy work leads to sloppy narratives – which leads to bad grades and bad sales. You need to get this part of your storyline correct.

  • Events : Too boring and no one is going to read your comic book; too shallow and critics are going to have a field day writing up negative reviews. The events in your story line have to make sense and engage your readers.

  • Items : Building iconic items into your story line, you could set off a merchandising bonanza for your new comic book franchise.


Manage Your Team to Success

  • Who will you hire? freelancers or full-scale workers? You need artists, pencilers, and letterists, and every choice matters! Freelancers may charge less, but they often can't match the quality of salaried employees. You can pay your workers per order, per comic volume, per comic, or per month, which will affect the quality of your comic (and thus the grade that you earn from it)

  • Your responsibilities don't end there, either. You have to pay rent, you have to choose an office (or set up a remote work system). Bigger offices mean more employees – but higher rent. Bigger comics mean better stories – but higher costs.

  • Trademark your IP. Copyright your ideas. You can license out your characters, you can store stats from previous hits, and much, much more.

  • Make a Hit!

  • So, can you do it?

  • Depending on the success of your comic, you will either earn or lose money. Lose too much and you may just run your studio out of business. Earn enough and you could be the next Todd McFarland or Alan Moore.

  • For comic fans the world over, the position that you are in is straight out of their deepest and sincerest fantasies. It would wrong for you not to approach this opportunity with all the weight that it deserves.

  • Can you become the next big Indie Comic Creator Tycoon?

  • Play and find out!

Meet The Team

Evgenie Tivaniuk

@Dire Boar Games

The Coding and The Management

Sagarnil Santra

@Resurrection Design Studio

Concept Arts and Game Design


Samiksha Garg

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